18 Mar 2013

A lesson in patience. On the mend!

I’ve been a bad blogger of late, but here goes a super quick rundown of 2013 so far!
We built into our training for 2013 and after quite a few productive weeks, I was very much enjoying the long miles and aerobic work. After a ridiculously dry start to the summer, South East Queensland was battered quite hard by some damaging storms and rain. A few sessions were changed here and there but to be honest, our squad wasn’t affected much; I can’t say the same for our poor beaches though. I was very pleased with how my training was going and I distinctly remember commenting on how well I was holding up. Well I jinxed myself there didn’t I. A few weeks ago now, I tore my plantar fascia. Not the end of the world, but something that I have been dealing with each week. I have rather stiff feet (alright for running, not so great for a kick set in the pool ;) and when I increase my run miles, I now know that I should never comment on being injury free .....
I was going to race in Auckland, but I think more than likely that I will be starting my 2013 season in San Diego instead. Physios, docs and podiatrist are extremely happy with the way my body is repairing itself and I may be fine to run in Auckland but there would be a small doubt in my mind that I wasn’t doing the right thing, especially if I don’t put it under a real test by doing some hard runs before hand. Something which has always been extremely important to me is longevity in this sport. I am young, I am learning and I want to make the right choices by my body to be a strong and healthy athlete who can deliver respectable results as consistently as I can. Knowing that some of the older athletes (who appear seemingly indestructible now!) had to go through injuries while they adapted to bigger workloads, keeps me in a positive mind set, it happens. I was disappointed that I couldn’t race Mooloolaba on the weekend and I felt like I let a few people down in doing so, but I know that I made the right decision. It was an awesome weekend and I was so glad that I had the opportunity to be a part of it all. It was great to see Moffy come away with third, toughing it out in such hot conditions. Once I get some pictures together I will post another blog from Mooloolaba with a few things I had the privilege to be involved in!
Besides  my  foot woes, I am very much enjoying training and life on the Gold Coast. Last month I turned 22 and enjoyed an amazing banquet with some of my beautiful friends. If anyone is visiting and want a nice Greek feast, Helleinkas in Nobbys is highly recommended. Very indulgent, but you only turn 22 once right!

Thanks for reading.
And if you think that blog was boring, think of me having to do 2hour elliptical sessions.
Work with what you’ve got.