28 Jan 2012

Weather Woman

It’s raining, it’s pouring, the triathletes are trying to train! There’s no time like the present to re kindle your love for the ergo or treadmill for triathletes living on the south east coast. The start of this week began with some wild and torrential rain which decided to stick around for a while. The grass was green and the land was relieved from the harsh Queensland sun, but that wasn’t good enough apparently. Things went on as usual, although there were a few cycle and run sessions to be done indoors instead. Sitting on the ergo with the IPod blaring I was easily consumed in my own thoughts (of pain) during my efforts, momentarily oblivious to the fact  that a couple of kilometers down the road there were major road closures, school cancellations and flooded houses and buildings. Ergo is not so bad.....
Australia Day we experienced some reprieve and were able to have a good track session in the morning, under a slightly lighter shade of grey and 90% humidity :) I was also lucky we could fit in our bike session this morning, although Liz Blatchford and I copped the blustery wind which kick started the rain on our way home. I love the blue, but haven’t seen it in a while...Its coming back soon apparently!
Here are a few pictures I’ve taken myself and also some that I’ve found from the Gold Coast Weather site for anyone’s interest. Refer to the captions.
The typically calm river alongside Bond Uni pool, not so calm.
Can you see anything? Neither could I really. Riding up Springbrook
My old high school, not looking too good :(

Lawrence Dr, Nerang
The back of the Robina Hospital, a few kms from home

Forecast tomorrow is a muddy long run through the hills in Nerang forest :) Ill be back to report amongst blue skies.

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