13 Feb 2012


I am not stupid, I have realistic expectations. I do not expect to break away in the swim behind Teresa Adam and Emma Moffatt but I certainly do expect to be in the main pack. Despite some rough and tumble and arm locking with a couple of other particularly aggressive 'not to be named' athletes, I am not making any excuses for my underwhelming position coming out of the swim....just some extreme frustration and disappointment from within myself. To be completely honest I came to the start line quietly confident in my progressing pool swimming and some new found skills I’m continually learning from my coach Craig Walton, king of swim/bike in his day...which wasn’t that long ago! Due to positive reinforcements in training across all three disciplines, I came home from Geelong particularly disappointed, feeling that my race was not an indicator of how I have been training. I started the year in Geelong last year with a sub-par result and my year got better each race, so let’s hope that happens again. I’ve got my first race of the season out of the way and I already know some things I will do different leading into Devonport- which I will get more rest heading into anyway. Because it’s an Olympic year, I guess everyone gets a little bit more intense (even crazy perhaps ;). People will be continually making judgments about ALL athletes, I am lucky that my Mum, Dad, Craig, Josh, friends and family all believe in me so I’m very grateful and I don’t have to worry about others. I am ready to have a successful and enjoyable season.
Congratulations to Emma Moffatt and Liz Blachford, Gold Coast counterparts, who placed 1st and 3rd respectively, great to see them both on the podium. Despite some of the terrible Geelong weather, flight cancellations, tedious travelling and a not so great race, it was made a whole lot better travelling and rooming with Moffy, one of the best athletes in the sport but always fun for a laugh.
Thank you for reading.