27 Oct 2011

Something new....

Welcome to my blog, a new endeavour to log my successes and misadventures through my journey as a triathlete, friend, daughter, sister, girlfriend, student, cook (?). To be honest, I am nervous in starting up this blog, but read as you please and I guess it will be a working progress for a while. I will keep this first post relatively modest and just give you a brief pictorial of some of 2011 so far. 
as it happened.... 

 Davenport ITU sprint Oceania Cup 18 Jan. 

Wellington OTU Triathlon Oceania Champs. 3rd Elite, 1st U23, March 12

Mooloolaba 5km Bolt. Love fun runs! March 25th
Mooloolaba ITU Oceania Cup March 26th
Ishigaki ITU World Cup- this picture was taken pre-puncture! Fixed the flat eventually with 20km left to ride, my race was done but I didnt want to DNF...Ran into 25th 

Edmonton ITU World Cup. First WC win!

London, where I made my debut in the World Championship Series (WCS), placing 9th. I'm second wheel

Lausanne Elite Sprint distance World Champs and WCS race. 5th

I'm back at home now with my family and friends. I was always planning to return to Australia after Lausanne before I travelled to Beijing for the World Championships. All my races and preparation this year were centred towards my goal to try and win the U23 World Champs- this was obviously not to be. During a run session I tore my soleus and it was deemed too risky for me to try and race in Beijing. Its healing so well; the timing just couldn’t be any worse! I’ve never really been injured before so I'm learning from this experience. Heading to Noosa today for the Triathlon Festival- this only means fun! I'd also like to thank Jaimi Chisholm for designing the layout of my blog, shes an amazing photographer and artist and a beautiful friend....thanks Chiz!


  1. Don't be nervous to start your blog. As a successful professional triathlete, friend, daughter, sister, girlfriend and cook, there are many people who will want to hear what you have to say.

    Keep the articles coming. You've already got one follower.

    Chris and Jon

  2. Well Im stoked to get a comment :)
    Thanks for the words, I appreciate it!

  3. You are my hero xo

  4. Hi Ash, You are amazing and deserve all the recognition u get and more. sooo proud of you. Love Pam

  5. i love ash gentle!

  6. G-banga you're the best. i loved making this for you and keep up the blogging woo :) xxx