1 Jul 2012

Kitzbuhel +

So the six day turn around from Banyoles World Cup had me worried at one point, Wednesday afternoon run after the race  was one of the worst ever! Putting that out of my mind, I left Aix le Bains once again, en route to Kitzbuhel to race in my 5th Worlds Series race on the Saturday. Having 4 top 10 performances in World Series races from 4 starts, I wanted to try and keep this track record going. Once I arrived in Kitzbuhel I was immediately blown away by this little mountain town's beauty, I've always heard great things and I felt privileged to have the opportunity to experience it myself. 
Coming out of the water in the second group, I knew I was going to have to do some work to get myself in the race. It was definitely not the time to have a sub-par swim, as all the strong cyclists seemed to be up in the front group, incuding the likes of Spirig, Norden, Hewitt, Samuels, Groff and Harrison. Along with a few others rolling some turns at the front we ended up about 1.30minutes down off the front group coming into T2. I felt confident and quite strong on my bike, not for one mintue wanting to give up, although the gap got out to over 2 minutes at one stage! I loved the course, it's quite challenging with some climbing, fast downhills, cobblestones and some technical sections. Coming off the bike I had nothing to lose, determined to run myself into a reasonable position after pulling lots of turns on the bike. I ended the day with the fastest run split and 10th overall. I was very fortunate to have Josh come from Zurich to support me, a very nice surprise! The next day I packed up and headed to Switzerland myself to spend a few days with him, time to relax with great company!  I really enjoyed my time in Zurich, such a beautiful place, but it was goodbye to Josh once again as I headed back to my training base in Aix. In just over 2 and a half weeks I had resided in 4 different countries!
Here are some pictures from the last week. Thanks for reading.

Swim Start
Cobblestone corner
start of the run

last lap

Living on the lake in Zurich

Successfully found the lolly shop from last year!


  1. Great race! You look very long and comfortable in the run photos!

    1. Thanks Bron! Felt pretty good on the run, not so much on the last lap though ;)