4 Aug 2012

Hamburg + London & time for some rest!

 2 weeks ago I was packing my bags and heading to Hamburg for the World Triathlon Series sprint race. It was certainly a nostalgic experience and one which I had eagerly anticipated since the beginning of the season. Very happy that I had been racing well enough to get a start, I returned to the magnificent city for the first time since 2007. 5 years ago I came to Hamburg for my first Junior World Championships as a 16 year old. I was young and naive, very new to the sport- it was the beginning of many things I treasure and still reflect on today. I met new people, experienced a different culture, I was surrounded by Australia’s elite and my love and passion for racing was sparked. 

I placed 2nd to Hollie Avil that year and I distinctly remember the crowd, the incredible atmosphere they created was overwhelming and exciting. That course has remained one of my favourites throughout all these years and it has not changed since 2007. 

The water temperature was a chilly 17, wetsuits necessary. I was happy with my swim, exiting the water at the back of the front group. YES!! Running up the ramp with Erin Densham right beside me, I knew I must have been in a pretty good position. A 47 second transition 1- struggling to get my wetsuit off meant I missed the first pack, while others who swim a little slower than me making it. Back in the chase pack once again, I did the majority of the work with Anne Haug. I have been happy with the cycling strength I have gained throughout the season, putting in the kms and hard work. Funnily enough it was training partner, Emma Moffat who was driving the front pack- not an easy task to hunt her down!

 Last lap, I was feeling the fatigue although we made big gains on the front pack, the rear of the group only about 150m away heading into T2. It was a two lap 2.5km run course and after suffering a little on the 1st lap, I started to feel much better and made greater gains the 2nd time around. Most of the girls in the front bike group were out of reach, so I was satisfied coming in 7th place. Keeping up my record, with that being my 6th top ten from 6 WTS race starts. 

After Banyoles, Kitzbuhel, Tiszy then Hamburg, I was always planning to have a rest at some stage. I kept training for about 10 days with Moffy back in Aix as she made her final preparations for the Olympic Games. I am currently in London, now on a mid-season break, discovering the city (ie getting incredibly lost) and soaking up the Olympic atmosphere. I thought it was important to take some time to let my body recover and rejuvenate, allowing myself to build back up to perfrom towards the end of the season.

Anticipating a great race from the girls on Saturday, it will be very interesting. I'll be looking to see where ladies such as Spirig, Ryf and Haug come out of the water...girls who are willing to make things happen on the bike if they are back in the swim, playing catch up, or strengthening an already motivated front group.
Thanks for reading, go the Aussies.

Light Aircraft flight with Moffy over our training base in France. Very scary but awesome experience

Some amazing views over Lac du Bourget


  1. great read and an even greater season. well done

  2. Well done on a great race! Who do you think will win Gold?

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed reading that apart from the last sentence. But in my defence I'm from SA so it kind of comes with the territory.