8 Sept 2012

Final travels & home sweet home!

I loved London! I woke up whenever I pleased, ate some breakfast and then went walk about throughout the streets of London, soaking up the Olympic atmosphere. I got lost all the time but always found my way back to Wholefoods, who I happily supported during my time in the city. Good food, sleep ins and some quality Olympic viewing was just what I needed. It was very exciting to be able to see the women’s Triathlon, although it wasn’t exactly what I had expected. Obviously apart from the medallists, it was far more spread out than I anticipated. I guess that is going to happen when there are far less people in the race than at a normal World Champ Series race. The atmosphere was incredible and I was very honoured to be able to be a part of it, very much hoping I might have my chance in 4 years time. Congratulations to Erin Densham for her bronze medal, a very deserving reward after her amazing year of racing to gain Olympic selection.

From London, I flew to Boulder in the US to spend some time with Josh as he prepared for HyVee. A chilled out town, with Aussies and Kiwis everywhere! It’s a very popular training hub and as I saw a few stars of the Triathlon world flog it out in the pool, I took a little more time to rest as I sunned myself in my bikinis pool side. After a week in Boulder, I headed to Austin with Josh for another 7 days before I flew back home. I got into some aerobic training, knowing quite well I would have to be semi prepared for a bit of a flogging when I returned home! After a few easy days to adjust to the time zone, training began for the Yokohama/Auckland World Series double. I hope that my body is ready to go for Yokohama, we will see, I sure am motivated. I do not regret taking a break at all; I wasn’t prepared to continue to flog myself and end up burnt out at the end of the season. Back at Miami swim squad, enjoying the Gold Coast hinterland rides and beachside runs. Only 3 weeks until Yokohama!!!

Here are a few pictures from the last month. Also congratulations to Josh for his 7th at HyVee and taking out the first swim preme. The tweet I posted as soon as he had finished is exactly what I first thought... "Self coached, self funded. Proof you can make it happen if you have the passion! Big things to come. V/ proud".

Thanks for reading

London walks

Womens Triathlon start

Start of the sprint

From the stands
Picnic at Flagstaf- Boulder

Rocky Mountain National Park

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