3 Dec 2012

Island travels 2012

Hamilton Triathlon has been and gone once again and it was my pleasure to be involved for my third year. I was very happy to take another win and see so many people enjoy their weekend too, with event numbers growing from last year. Steve Jackson and his team do a great job organising this event on a beautiful yet brutal course. One decent hill has to be navigated before you descend down a hill onto the airport runway and speed along 3.8km of hot mix! After enjoying the runway, you head straight up another solid climb before it flattens out slightly before you head into a steep downhill section with two rather sketchy (!!) left hand turns to negotiate before passing the transition to make 3 laps for the 20km. This makes for a very fun bike course in such an amazing location, soft sand finish and all! The open water swim at Whitehaven Beach the next day tops off a great weekend on the Island. 

The conclusion of the Hamilton Island Triathlon also marked the beginning of my end of season break, and wow, wasn’t I hanging out for it. This year I have been fortunate enough to discover some new places, increase my travels and be exposed and experience more elite racing. Eventually the season was wearing me down, although I am very pleased to have kept on top of things to finish off in Noosa and Hamo (minus a couple of brain explosions ;)) I was  physically and mentally ready to do absolutely nothing at all, so it was time for Josh and I to escape to Moreton Island once again. It was also time to catch up with my non athlete friends who always can't wait until they can keep me up past 8.30pm. 

Below are some pictures of Moreton Island. Such an incredible landscape where you can see undisturbed wildlife along your travels everyday > head for the furthermost point from the tourist resort like we did! 

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