30 Nov 2011

Moreton Escape

Since my break it’s safe to say I’ve been consistently immersed in water, although for 5 days I exchanged the black line and chlorine for some sand and saltwater and loved every minute of it. Josh and I boarded the Mi-Cat with his packed Pajero for a long awaited camping trip to Moreton Island. Ideal weather, campsite, car and company, I was set to have an enjoyable camping experience. Driving across the sandy and at times sketchy tracks, we were headed to the north east side of the island where we sought after a remote camping ground with our own little stretch of beach, far from the tourist rich Tangalooma resort. After forgetting my sleeping bag and challenging Josh on our tent layout, we set up a really awesome camp....complete with a stove top and pantry. 

This island is literally a land of sand covered in some low lying vegetation with an undulating landscape. It is so diverse and if you know where to go and have the right gear, you’ll love it like I did. I’ll let some of my pictures do the talking but I'm so glad I took this last opportunity for a getaway. Next stop for me is the annual QAS training camp at South Golden Beach- plenty of riding up plenty of hills!

 Josh caught the fish...

 ...I cooked

 Yabbie pumping

 Gearing up to go fishing off the rocks

 Turtle about to lay some eggs

My sand turtle

Our campsite

Sand boarding at "The Desert"

Snorkeling at the Wrecks

Blue Lagoon 

 Baby fish